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Links for Prominent Medical Journals 


AMA Archives of Internal Medicine
American Heart Association
American Journal of Nutrition 

  Academy of Sciences

.AAOHN Journal
Publication of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses. 
Academic Psychiatry
Journal publishes material for and by psychiatrists.
Advances in Osteoporosis
Quarterly electronic journal edited by Ego Seeman.
Advances in Wound Care
Adverse Drug Reactions
This journal focuses on adverse drug reactions and acute poisoning.
Age and Aging
Bi-monthly journal, studies into aging.
Ageing Well
Quarterly Journal of the National Ageing Research Institute, Australia.
AHA News
Published by the American Hospital Association.
AIDS Book Review Journal
Monthly journal which publishes information such as videos and journal titles which pertain to AIDS, safer sex and STDs. Subscription required.
AIDS Information Newsletter
Biweekly newsletter from the US Department of Veterans Affairs AIDS Information Center. For health care professionals.
AIDS Reader
Free electronic version of the journal of the same title.
AIDS Weekly Plus
Free access to summaries but must subscribe for full text.
Alimentary Pharm. & Therapeutics
Details and table of contents from this journal specializing in the effects of drugs on the gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder and pancreas.
Allergology International
English version of Japanese journal on allergy and asthma research.
Alzheimer's Disease Review
Professional journal published by the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, Ambulatory Surgery
 Journal publishes reviews and research articles in the field of daycare surgery.
American Family Physician
Official clinical journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians American Foundation of Med Research
Member information, publications and a timetable of meetings from the American Foundation for Medical Research.
American Heart Journal
Free electronic version of the print journal concerning the pracice of cardiovascular medicine.
American J. Clinical Nutrition
Table of contents and abstracts from this journal publishing basic and clinical studies relevant to human nutrition.
American J. of Geriatric Psych.
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

American J. of Resp. & Critical Care Med.
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, provides news, abstracts and CD-ROM publications.
American Journal of Human Biology
Non-specialized journal offers research papers, theoretical essays, and reviews related to human biology.

American Journal of Otology
Table of contents for the international forum for otology, neurotology, and skull base surgery.
American Journal of Pathology
Check out issue highlights, along with reviews, commentaries, and lectures. Features subscription details and submission policies.
American Journal of Psychiatry
Abstracts from editions of the journal since 1995, including full color images. Includes previews of upcoming editions.
American Journal on Addictions
Reprint of abstracts from Fall 95 to the present. Features clinical analysis of the psychological and biological aspects of addiction.
American Medical Association - Journals 
Search the archives to find articles published in various AMA Journals. Articles can be accessed in full text or PDF formats.
American Psychiatric Press
Magazine style format with excerpts from new journal and book releases. Includes information on CD library.
American Psychoanalyst
Selected articles from the newsletter of the American Psychoanalytic Association.
American Psychologist
Journal providing articles on new concepts and psychology specialties including science, education and training.
Anaesthesia Online,
International Journal of Anaesthesia with peer reviewed articles on research, professional issues, and education.
English version of European publication on male infertility and sexual disorders. Includes subscription rates and order form.
Anesthesia and Critical Care
Directory of resources on the Internet for critical care specialists, including journals, associations and downloadable software.
Anesthesia Patient Safety News
Quarterly online newsletter of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, contains articles on new techniques and technologies.
Annals of Human Biology
Order a sample copy or find guidelines for authors submitting to this bimonthly journal, which publishes research into population biology.
Annals of Internal Medicine
Annotated table of contents for the current issue with featured articles available in full text.
Annals of Medicine
English version of a Finnish publication featuring editorials and articles on current topics. Includes order form and subscription rates.
Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Search the abstracts of articles from this research journal from 1966 onwards. With full-text and calendar of events.
Annals of Tropical Paediatrics
Contents pages only for some of the recent editions of this UK-based magazine. Includes subscription details.
Antiviral Agents Bulletin
Summaries from recent editions covering antiviral drug and vaccine developments, with emphasis on HIV-infection and AIDS-related therapeutics.
Antiviral Weekly
Abstracts and selected articles on this journal covering antiviral drug developments and related viruses. With news reports.
Anxiety Disorder News
Informative reports from the National Panic/Anxiety Disorder News. Includes reviews of medications in trial
APA News
American Psychiatric Association's newsletter, covering policies, politics, and legislative and judicial issues.
Applied Behavior Analysis Journal
Searchable abstracts of research applying experimental analysis of behavior to social problems. Includes past editions.
Applied Neurobiology and Neuropathology
Journal of the British Neuropathological Society. Links to clinical papers dealing with neurobiological aspects of disease.
Archive of Pediatrics 
Free registration to preview the current issue or read the abstracts, selected full-text articles and past issues. Published by the AMA.

Archives of Internal Medicine
Free registration to this AMA journal of everyday patient care in general internal medicine and subspecialty areas.
Archives of Otolaryngology
Table of contents and abstracts from this journal publishing articles and clinical papers on head and neck surgery.
Archives of Surgery
Free registration for access to past issues of this AMA journal, employment advertisements and a searchable database of abstracts.
Archives of Virology
Subscribe to the monthly scientific journal for updated research on the structure of viruses and their effects on other organisms.
Artificial Organs
Journal of the The International Society for Artificial Organs and The International Faculty for Artificial Organs.
Assisted Reproduction & Genetics
Abstracts of journal contents dating back to March 1995. Includes a database that can be searched by author, title or keyword.
Aust Teratology Society
Newsletter devoted to the study of birth defects. It appears quarterly and incorporates a teratogen update, reviews and opinions.
Aust. & NZ J of Ophthalmology
Official publication of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology and the New Zealand Ophthalmological Society.
Aust. & NZ J. Mental Health Nursing
Contains book reviews, feature articles and exchange of ideas. Includes table of contents and subscription details.
Aust. & NZ Journal of Psychiatry
Published for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists featuring research reviews and case studies.
Aust. & NZ Journal of Surgery
Publication of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons with research updates and reviews covering all areas of clinical practice.
Australasian Psychiatry
Bulletin of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists with articles and discussions and order form.
Australasian Radiology
Reviews in diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology, published monthly. Includes subscription details and order form.
Australian Family Physician
Monthly online journal of the Australian Collage of General Practitioners. Regular features include book reviews and practice tips.
Australian J. of Physiotherapy
Abstracts from current and past issues of this journal publishing research articles on physiotherapy.
Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy
Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy aims to promote research and interdisciplinary discussion. With table of contents and order details.
Australian Journal of Rural Health
Quarterly publication of the Association for Australian Rural Nurses and the Rural Doctors Association of Australia



British Medical Journal

.Behavioral Neuroscience
Abstracts for the Journal of Behavioural Neuroscience which focuses on research into the biological bases of behavior.
Biological Psychiatry
International journal, published twice monthly, covers a range of psychiatric neuroscience. Find subscription details and tables of content.
Reviews and analyzes biological materials used in the manufacture of medicine. Browse the abstracts or the list of research areas.
Biology of Reproduction
Table of contents and abstracts from the journal, but not full articles, are posted around the middle of each month.
Biology of Reproduction
Describes the focus of the journal and gives subscription details. Includes tables of contents which are updated monthly.
Concerns the science and application of biomaterials and associated medical devices. Find subscription details and abstracts.
Covers the technology and business of biopharmaceuticals. With author and subject indexes, news, a media kit, and subscription details.
Birth - Issues in Perinatal Care
Publication for neonatal health professionals, midwives, nurses, lactation consultations and physicians.
Read abstracts or subscribe to read the full articles form the journal of the American Society of Hematology. Includes access to archives.
Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases
Online version, with focus not only blood cells, but also on the molecular basis of hematologic disease and studies of the diseases themselves.
Blood Weekly
Free access to summaries but must subscribe for full text. Includes information from newswires, conferences and journals.
BMJ Publishing Group
Citations from the range of journals published the BMJ with a news service and reports on international congresses.
Brain and Cognition
Relevant to all aspects of human neuropsychology other than language or communication. Includes reviews, original articles and case histories.
Brain Injury Rehab Update
Newsletter that provides research information for rehab professionals, links to other brain injury sites.
Brain Pathology Online
Searchable archive of past issues with abstracts of featured articles from the Journal of the International Society of Neuropathology.
Breast Journal - The
Publication of the American Society of Breast Disease with feature articles and research updates. Contains subscription details.
British Journal of Clinical Pharm.
Monthly journal published online and in print with details of subscription rates and table of contents.
British Journal of Dermatology
Publication available online and in print form with articles on dermatology in clinical practice and research.
British Journal of Haematology
Monthly publication of the British Society for Haematology and the European Haematology Association.
British Journal of Obst & Gyn
Independent publication owned by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists features both clinical and research articles.
British Journal of Radiology
Overview of this journal investigating the clinical and technical aspects of diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and radiobiology.
British Journal of Rheumatology
Abstracts of articles and tables of contents for issues of the journal from January 1996.
British Journal of Surgery
Available online or in print form with subscription and order details and instructions for author submissions.
British Journal of Urology
Monthly publication of the British Association of Urological Surgeons and the European Society of Paediatric Urology.
British Medical Journal
Online edition of the BMJ. With selected articles, editorials, and press releases from current edition.
Journal published on the Internet by the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy.
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Covers the social and scientific aspects of the history of medicine worldwide. Read over a sample issue and the submission guidelines.




Cells On Line

Canadian J. of Gastroenterology
Search contents pages and abstracts from 1995. Subscription details are included.
Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery
Latest techniques and technologies being used in plastic surgery. With a searchable archive of past issues.
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
Publication of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. Issues contain original, clinical, peer-reviewed research papers and articles.
Canadian Respiratory Journal
Bimonthly journal of the Canadian Thoracic Society, medical section of The Lung Association, with case reports and articles.
Online version with full text of current articles, search function, and links to MEDLINE abstracts.
Cancer Weekly
Collects news headlines from around the world pertaining to current cancer issues, research developments, and events.
Cardiology - Online Journal
Educational material for practitioners including EKG puzzles. Includes reviews of cardiac medications.
Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care
Journal of the American College of Chest Physicians features research into pulmonology, cardiology and thoracic surgery.
Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists
Professional society provides membership details and conference information. With the online newsletter of the society.
Cardiovascular Pathobiology
Net publication allowing investigators from diverse cardiovascular disciplines to freely exchange their ideas and advances.
Cardiovascular Surgery
Official journal of the International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery addresses all aspects of cardiac and vascular surgery.
CDAB Online Edition
Browse current issue of Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography, published by the University of Chicago Press for the Society for Research in Child Development.
Cellular Immunology
Online version publishes original investigations concerned with the immunological activities of cells in experimental or clinical situations.
CenterWatch Clinical Trials
Service which helps you locate physicians and medical centers performing clinical research. Register for free email service.
Journal of the American College of Chest Physicians features research into pulmonology, cardiology and thoracic surgery.
Chest Medicine On-Line
Free access to this journal which is peer reviewed and edited by Vince Mak MRCP, consultant physician in respiratory and intensive care medicine.
Press releases, scholarly articles, newsletters and an index of registered practitioners listed by state.
Chiropractic Classified Online
Place a classified ad to sell, get cover for your practice or find an associate.
Chiropractic Online Today
Monthly ezine with news and chiropractic debate, with information on management, referral and educational resources.
News and trends from around the world. With a bulletin board and forum for professionals and consumers.
Circulation Research
Abstracts from 1995 taken from a journal of clinical and laboratory research relevant to cardiovascular disease.
Canadian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology published in full-text in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF files).
Clinical & Experimental Allergy J.
Monthly publication of the of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Available online or in print version.
Clinical & Experimental Immunology
Monthly journal of the British Society for Immunology. Available online or in print with subscription details.
Clinical Drug Investigation
Free electronic version of the journal of the same title. Aim is rapid publication of original drug research info.
Clinical Immunology & Immunopath.
Publishes research on the molecular and cellular bases of disease. Features short analytical reviews of topics in immunology and case reports.
Clinical Otolaryngology
Publication of the British Association of Otolaryngologists and the Netherlands Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Cervico-Facial-Surgery.
Clinical Psychopharmacology
Abstracts from the curent issue of Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology.
Clinical Radiology
Journal of the Royal Society of Radiologists published monthly online or in print with subscription details.
Clinician Reviews
Free electronic version of the print journal of the same title. Designed for the nurse practitioner and physician assistant.
Clinics in Dermatology
Get subscription details, and find out how to order a sample copy. Includes the contents pages of previous editions of this monthly journal.
Cognitive Psychology Journal
News, research, reviews and methodological articles about the study of memory, language processing, perception, and thinking.
Community Psychiatrist
Published by the American Association of Community Psychiatrists. Includes full text presentation of 1996 editions.
Complications in Orthopedics
Free electronic version of the print journal of the same title. Provides information on preventing and treating compications.
Complications in Surgery
Free electronic version of the print journal of the same title. Provides information on preventing and treating surgical infection.
Computer Aided Surgery Online
Full text, searchable online edition of Computer Aided Surgery with preprints, forums, and reference links to MEDLINE.
Computer Aided Surgery Online
Full text, searchable online edition of Computer Aided Surgery with preprints, forums, and reference links to MEDLINE.
Consulting & Clinical Psychology
Abstracts from the current issue on the treatment and care of diverse patient groups.
Contemporary Psychology
Journal with self-help materials and articles from experts about new concepts and trends in every area of psychology.
Cornwall Clinical Journal.
British site covering local as well as general healthcare issues. Features information on occupational health, clinical pharmacy, and links.
Online version of journal examining advances in cyrosurgery, gives table of contents for current and past issues, and links to related links.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology
View table of contents and pay one dollar to view selected article. Subjects covered include; Neuronal and glial cell biology - Disease, transplantation and regeneration.
Access abstracts related to molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, diagnostic and clinical applications of all known interleukins.
Publication of the British Society for Clinical Cytology which is available online or in a print version.



Guide to articles dealing with periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery.
Dental Bytes
Magazine focuses on topics which improve the marketing of dental practices. With advice on clinical techniques.
Dental Economics
Monthly journal featuring management, financial, clinical and product information. Displays contents and summaries of current issue.
Dental Success Online
Articles, opinions by prominent figures within the dental industry. Covers issues such as cosmetic dentistry, and business plans.
Dentistry Online
Contains search facility, archived professional pages, patient information, and dentistry links on the Web.
Dermatology Online Journal
Journal which emphasizes the potential of the Internet for the profession. With instructions on how to post images on the Web.
Developmental Psychology
Abstracts from the current issue of the Journal of Developmental Psychology discussing research.
Diabetes Care
Online version gives unrestricted access to the journal. Articles are printed on the Internet in full.
Diagnostic Imaging
Details of news and feature story journal, with selected articles online. Free online subscription for professionals.
Disease Weekly Plus
News from around the world pertaining to news diseases, research developments, and events. Read a sample issue and subscribe.
Division 20
Quarterly newsletter from the American Psychological Association, on Adult Development and Aging. Articles from current and past issues.
Doctors' Guide
Contains medical news and alerts. With a database of medical conferences listed by date.
Drug Approvals List
Listing of new drug approvals from the Food and Drug Administration, recording drug name, use and applicant.
Drug Benefit Trends
Publication for managed health care professionals who control pharmacy service and drug benefits. With selected articles and subscription details.
Drug Wise Online
Online newsletter on psychotropic and therapeutic drugs, with reviews of international literature summarizing drug developments and research.




Electronic journal started in April 1995 with the purpose of providing articles and images about echocardiography.
Electrogastrography Ezine
Provides a free scientific forum for the researchers in the fields of electrogastrography and gastric electrical activity.
Electronic Journal of Hand Surgery
Present and past issues published in full and accompanied by moderated discussions of the content of articles.
Electronic Journal of Orthopaedics
Peer-reviewed articles with the opportunity to submit your own paper for publishing.
Emergency Medical Abstracts
Subscribe to receive EMA Online which contains all the content and functionality of the disk-based version.
Environmental Health Perspectives
Publications of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the EHP. Consult recent journals, and abstracts.
Epilepsy Research
Order a sample copy, and view tables of content. Covers experimental and clinical epileptology, with an emphasis on brain mechanisms in epilepsy.
ESCTAIC Newsletter
Quarterly publication of the European Society of Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.
ESIA Online
Educational Synopses in Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine publishes scholarly reviews and original research.

Essential Drugs Monitor
Selected articles from this World Health Organization journal containing features on national drug policies and public education.
Euro Journal of Surgery
This monthly publication for specialist and general surgeons contains research abstracts and links to related journal sites.
European J of Surgical Oncology
Lists abstracts from the current issue of the journal with a facility for searching all available abstracts from past issues.
European Journal of Anaesthesiology
Details of this journal publishing experimental and clinical research. With information on subscriptions and its online availability.
European Journal of Neuroscience
Presents the multidisciplinary journal's aims, scope, tables of content, and subscription rates. Request a sample copy and find writing details.
European Surgical Research
Original clinical and experimental researth papers. Serves the information needs of investigators in various fields of operative medicine.
Experimental Gerontology
Bimonthly journal for students and professionals. Examine a summary of contents, a sample copy and subscription information.



Family Medical Practice Online
Review papers and articles, test your medical knowledge with the sample multiple choice questions, or catch up on what's happening in research.
Family Practice
Published by Oxford University Press. Abstracts and contents page of current edition and complete texts of past issues.
Family Practice Handbook
Easy-to-use electronic clinical reference published in full, on the Internet, by the University of Iowa.
Family Practice Management
Published by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Includes online database of selected items from issues published since April '96.
Foot and Ankle International
Gives contents details for 1996 editions and previews upcoming publications.
FreudNet - The Brill Library
Detailed and descriptive catalog, with links to psychoanalysis resources, events, associations, and news.
Future of Children
Online publication covering children's health issues. Includes funding submission guidelines for the Packard foundation.



Gene Therapy Weekly
Free access to summaries but must subscribe for full text. Includes information from newswires, conferences and journals.
General Practice Online
International Journal of General Practice and Primary Care with peer reviewed articles on research, professional issues, and education.
Genome Research
View subscription and submission specifics in addition to past and present abstracts. Features current research news and a search option.
Quarterly newsletter from the American Physical Therapy Association
Global Dental NewsJournal
Subscription only journal which includes articles on practice management, clinical techniques, and reviews.
Global Emergency Medicine Archives
Electronic journal of peer-reviewed contributions which includes a newsgroup and online professional discussions.
Gynaecological Endoscopy
Journal of the British, European, International, Australian, Hong Kong and Italian Societies for Gynaecological Endoscopy.



.Hand Surgery Online
Subscription detaild for an electronic resource service designed for the Hand Surgeons community throughout the world.
Harvard Mental Health Letter
Articles by experts in all areas of mental health theory, treatment and research. Advice for the professional and lay caregiver.
Hypertension, Dialysis, and Clinical Nephrology provides up-to-date information on renal disorders and their treatment.
Health and Medical Informatics Digest - HMID
Consider free subscription to this monthly digest that examines online medical informatics for practitioners, academics and researchers.
Health Management Technology
Monthly journal for health technology professionals. Site includes a free weekly newsletter, classifieds, events calendar, and discussion group.
Health Physics
Tables of contents, abstracts, news and subscription details from the official journal of the Health Physics Society.
Health Psychology
Abstracts from the current issue of the journal which publishes empirical studies of the relationships between behavior and illness.
Healthcare Review Online
Occasional online journal from New Zealand which reviews health care delivery, health policy, planning, and healthcare outcomes.
Heart Surgery Forum
Online journal of original manuscripts and case reports reviewed by an international panel of cardiac surgeons.
Online ezine which includes research, multimedia slide presentations, 2D motion echocardiography and EKG puzzles.
Hepatitis B Coalition News
Reports on progress with vaccination, including the hepatitis A vaccine. Describes primary risk groups and vaccination recommendations.
Monthly journal of the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology available in online or print version.
Electronic Journal of head and neck surgery, re-printed in English, and hosted by Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.
Human molecular genetics forum provides news on the latest research, and an archive of the contents pages from journals.
Human Immunology
American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics publishes this peer-reviewed journal. Find abstracts and subscription details.
Human Nature
Calls itself "an interdisciplinary biosocial perspective." Outlines past, present, and upcoming issues and subscription and submission specifics.
Human Reproduction
Monthly publication presents peer-reviewed papers, in both online and text versions. Find subscription details and tables of content.
Human Reproduction Abstracts
Online version includes tables of contents and abstracts. Featured articles are published in full.
Human Reproduction Update
Contents and abstracts of current issue with a searchable database of past issues. From Oxford University Press.
Abstracts of articles dating back to 1995 from journal published by the American Heart Association.



Indian Pediatrics
Offers a wide variety of educational and reference services for physicians, clinics, medical organizations and related corporations.
Abstracts, subscription details and free copy of the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.
Idea Central - Health Policy 
Articles on health insurance legislation, medical savings accounts, recent trends in HMOs and medicaid proposals.
Internet Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; peer reviewed and includes a forum for the discussion of related issues.

Subscription details for the International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance (now incorporating Leadership in Health Services).
International Journal of Psychopathology, Psychopharmacology, and Psychotherapy. Full text of case reports, research and reviews.
Imaging On-Line
International, quarterly magazine for radiologists that provides an reviews of the latest developments in diagnostic imaging.
Immunity Online
Journal allows web users to read abstracts from current and past issues. With employment and conference listings.
Immunity Online
Research articles and reviews of general interest in the entire discipline of immunology. Includes facility to search conferences and courses database.
Journal of the British Society for Immunology published monthly and available online and in print version.
Immunology Today
Journal monitors research and clinical immunology. With a discussion of FDA regulation of antibody development.
Immunology Today
Both paper and online versions are available. Check out subscription specifics, issue outlines, and submission policies.
Immunotherapy Weekly
Sift through abstracts from past and present issues concerning research, news, and events. Articles in their entirety must be "bought."
In the Press
Society of Thoracic Surgeons hosts this press clipping service from leading journals and newspapers around the world.
Infectious Disease News
Online journal featuring articles on medical conferences, research presentations, government legislation, and new techniques.
Infectious Disease Weekly
Summaries are free but you must pay to see the full text. Includes information from newswires, conferences, and journals.
Infectious Diseases in Children
Monthly news source for pediatricians. Covers new drugs and procedures for diagnosing and testing pediatric infectious diseases.
Int'l J of Health Care QA
IJHCQA presents information, comment and debate on quality assurance issues, trends and developments which affect the healthcare industry.
Int'l J. of Gynecological Cancer
Published bimonthly with details of table of contents and authors submissions. Includes advice on subscription rates.
Int'l J. of Nursing Practice
Journal published quarterly with research papers, clinical reports and books reviews. Includes advice for authors and order form.
Int'l Journal of Aromatherapy
Publication with updated information about aromatherapy developments worldwide. Subscribe to the US addition to receive a free issue.
Int'l Journal of Dermatology
Contents of the last two editions, membership information and presentation guidelines for scientific papers.
International Endodontic Journal
Journal of the British Endodontic Society, the Netherlands Society for Endodontology, the European Society of Endodontology,
International Immunology
Read abstracts from the Oxford Univ. Press journal, publishing experimental and theoretical studies monthly. Subscribers may read full texts.
International J. of Dermatology
Journal published monthly with information about the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease. Includes subscription details.
Internet J of Anesthesiology
Edited by Olivier C. Wenker, M.D., DEAA and includes peer reviewed scholarly articles, discussion forum and `case of the month'.
Internet Journal of EM & IC
Internet Journal of Emergency Medicine and Intesive Care; peer reviewed and includes interactive case reports.
Internet Medical Bookstore
Online medical text sales. Catalog contains over 24,000 entries covering medical, dental, nursing, and allied sciences.
Investigative Dermatology Journal
Presents guidelines for the submission of scientific papers and news of interest to subscribers.

Irish Medical Times
Information about this independent medical news-weekly. Access to the online edition is by free subscription, for health professionals only.
ISIS Scientific Newsletter
Full text articles from past issues of the scientific newsletter for the International Spinal Injection Society.
Issues on Aging
Newsletter produced by the American Physical Therapy Association, with some articles relating to physical therapy practices.



Journal Of American Medical Association    JAMA    JAMA HIV

    Journal of Nutrition    Journal of Medicine Online     

Journal Of Association Of Physicians Of India ( JAPI)

Journal Watch On Line

.J of Quality in Clinical Practice
Quarterly publication of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Australian Medical Association. Features comments, news, and abstracts.
J Southern Orthopaedic Assoc
Quarterly print journal where full text, photos and articles from all specialities are included.
J. of Am. Board of Family Practice
Subscription details and table of contents for the current issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Practice.
J. of Anaesthetists of GB & Ireland
Official publication of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland. Includes subscription details and table of contents.
J. of General Internal Medicine
Published for the Society of General Internal Medicine with articles on primary health care and research. Includes order form.
J. of Intensive Care Medicine
Reviews, articles and research relating to ICU practice. Includes details of subscription rates and order form and instructions for authors.
J. of Psych & Mental Health N'ing
Journal available online and in print and published bimonthly. Includes table of contents, instructions for authors and order form.
Japan Heart Journal
Gives an overview of the articles featured in the highlighted publication. The opportunity to submit is noted.
Japanese Journal of Pharmacology
Published by the Japanese Pharmacological Society contains the tables of contents and abstracts from the past year's issues.
Journal Club on the Web
Contains summaries of medical journal articles along with reader comments. Moderated by Michael Jacobson, MD.
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
View the journal's current table of contents, learn how to submit articles and meet the editorial board. Copies can be ordered online.
Journal of Advanced Nursing
Available monthly online or in print form with table of contents, advice to authors and subscription details.
Journal of AIDS
Online journal focusing on a variety of treatments and disorders associated with AIDS. With submission details for authors.
Journal of American College of Cardiology
Journal of the American College of Cardiology presents feature articles, an abstract database and professional opportunities.
Journal of Applied Psychology
Publishes original investigations in all areas of applied psychology. With abstracts of current issue.
Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatism
Tables of contents from 1995 for the official journal of the American College of Rheumatology.
Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery
Featured article and the table of contents for the current issue of the Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence
Refereed journal disseminates research, news and info about all aspects of AI. With past and present editions available online.
Journal of Back & Musculoskeletal Rehab
For physical and occupational therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and those in radiology, sports medicine and neurosurgery.
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Journal published quarterly featuring articles about the theory and practice of nursing. Includes subscription details and order form.
Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Peer-reviewed journal that publishes the latest worldwide basic and clinical studies on human nutrition.
Journal of Clinical Pathology
View content pages of recent editions. Access of abstracts of full texts require subsciption.
Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
Subscription information and text of the latest edition, published in full.
Journal of Clinical Psychoanalysis
Lists contents of recent editions, ands publishes a feature article online. From the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society.
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Discover contents of upcoming issues drawing on developments in computer science, neuropsychology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology.
Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation
Articles, research reports, and news for therapists and patients. Contains an events calendar and software.
Journal of Comparative Psychology
Abstracts from current edition offering insights into how all species, including humans, evolve and adapt.
Journal of Counseling Psychology
Abstracts from current issue with an emphasis on empirical studies on the evaluation and application of counseling programs.
Journal of Cutaneous Med & Surgery
Contents of the most recent edition of the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery.
Journal of Dermatological Science
View the table of contents of recent editions and register for a complimentary copy of the journal.
Journal of Dermatological Treatment
Index to the contents of recent editions. Membership details included.
Journal of Digital Imaging
Table of contents and abstracts from selected issues since 1992 from this quarterly journal of computer radiography.
Journal of Electronic Imaging
Quarterly journal provides its table of contents and abstracts for issues since 1992. With information for contributors.
Journal of Emergency Medicine On-Line
Comprehensive digest of treatment and diagnostic advances in emergency medicine and acute primary care, which includes original contributions.
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Browse and search all issues or table of content of current issue of this journal of medical research.
Journal of Family Medicine
Online journal focusing on a variety of diseases common in family medicine, featuring articles on specific fields each edition.
Journal of Family Psychology
Abstracts from the current issue. Journal publishes empirical research on a wide range of family-related topics.
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Gives names of editors and table of contents for the first issue of the journal that will be published in 1997.
Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry; reprint of abstracts from Fall 95 to the present.
Journal of Hospital Infection
Details about this publication which is the official Journal of the UK Hospital Infection Society. Includes abstracts from the latest edition.
Journal of Human Nutrition - Dietetics
Publication of the British Dietetic Association featuring topics such as health education and nutrition. Available bimonthly online or in print.
Journal of Immunology
Full text version of many articles dating back to 1995. Includes forum for exchanging ideas on issues raised by the articles.

Journal of Indian Medical Association
Popularly known as JIMA, an Indexed Journal constitutes the largest circulation (over 91,000 copies per month) of all the indexed and other medical journals of India and abroad.
Journal of Maternal Nursing
Full text reprints of stimulating news and scientific research articles from past issues of The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing.
Journal of Mind & Behavior
Interdisciplinary, refereed journal explores relationships between methodology, operationism, and theory construction related to mind/body dualism.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
Request a sample issue of this journal which publishes international research papers. Author instructions, editorial details, and rates included.
Journal of Molecular Liquids
Examine aims and scope, tables of content, and special issues of this international monthly. Request a sample copy, and find contacts.
Journal of Neonatal Nursing
Abstracts of current issue with one article published in full from the official journal of the UK Society of Neonatal Nurses.
Journal of Neuro Nursing
Published for Nurses working in Neuroscience, encourages submission of abstracts from those working in this specialty.
Journal of Neurochemistry
Official publication of the International Society for Neurochemistry devoted to molecular, chemical and cellular biology of the nervous system. With abstracts and editorial policy.

Journal of Neuroendocrinology
Publication of the European Neuroendocrine Association and the British Neuroendocrine Group. Available online and in print form.
Journal of Neurolinguistics
Int'l publication includes studies, reports, reviews and theoretical analyses. Browse abstracts, tables of content and subscription specifics.
Journal of Neuropsychology
This quarterly published journal aims to provide abstracts in cognitive and behavioral related research.
Journal of Neuroscience
Free issue trial offer and subscription details, with membership information for the Society for Neuroscience.
Journal of Neurospsychiatry
Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, with abstracts from Summer 95 to the present.
Journal of NIH Research
Tables of Contents and featured full text articles covering science policy and research in the biomedical sciences.
Journal of Nursing Management
Bimonthly journal featuring articles on quality assurance, health policy and nursing management. Includes subscription details and order form.
Journal of Nutrition
New online version, with an interesting interactive approach to the presentation of journal material. Hosted by the American Society of Nutrition.
Journal of Ophthalmic Nursing
Gives an outline of the areas covered by the journal. Email for a free sample copy, or enquire about editorial policy.
Journal of Orthopedic Surgery
Online journal offers English language summaries of German articles on recent advances in research and clinical technique.
Journal of Pain & Symptom Management
Peer-reviewed journal provides the professional with the latest research into pain management. Features a sample copy.
Journal of Pediatric Medicine Online
Comprehensive digest of treatment and diagnostic advances in pediatric medicine, which includes original contributions.

Journal of Post Graduate Medicine
A peer-reviewed biomedical periodical, official publication of the Staff Society of Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital, Mumbai, India, indexed with MEDLINE and EMBASE with free full-text access to articles from basic and clinical sciences.
Journal of Primary Care On-Line
Digest of current primary care diagnosis and management, which includes original contributions. Excellent resource.
Journal of Psychiatry On-Line
Comprehensive digest of treatment and diagnostic advances in psychiatry, which includes original contributions.
Journal of Psychotherapy
Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research. Forum for the presentation of original psychotherapy. Abstracts from Fall 1995.
Journal of Refractive Surgery
Abstracts and selected articles from journal of original research, reviews, and evaluation of refractive and corneal surgical procedures.
Journal of Rehab Admin
Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, issued quarterly, with theoretical papers, applied research studies, and practice reports.
Journal of Rheumatology, The
Canadian peer-reviewed journal giving table of contents for this months issue and an archive of past issues.
Journal of Surgery On-Line
Online peer-reviewed journal covering articles on all aspects of surgery, featuring articles on specific fields in each edition.
Journal of the AAOS
Search tables of contents from 1993 to the present for the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
Journal of the American Medical Association 
Journal of the American Medical Association offers an archive of articles from its pages. Learn about common and uncommon health issues.
Journal of Thoracic & Cardio. Surgery
Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; 1996 abstracts, author information and reader services.
Journal of Trauma
Information on the current issue and upcoming articles from this journal of critical care, injury, and infection.
Journal of Vocational Rehab
Journal for occupational therapists and rehabilitation counselors, covering topics such as long term care and disabilities.



Key Publications in Urology
Reviews of the latest urological literature, news reviews, commentaries and other online information of interest to urologists.




Abstracts and some full text articles from the current issue. Includes press releases, and employment database.

Login Brothers Book Company
Distributor of medical, nursing and allied health books and electronic products. With a searchable catalog.



Med Scape On-Line Journal

Malaria Weekly
Summaries are free but must pay for full text. Includes information from newswires, conferences and journals.
Online continuing education forum with case presentations followed by interactive quizzes to earn CME points.
Medical College of Wisconsin HealthLINK 
Offers chapters to read on travel medicine and related issues, including altitude sickness and cholera vaccination.
Medical Journal of Australia
Online version of Australia's premier medical journal contains full-text articles from current and past issues.
Medical Matrix - Anesthesiology
Searchable database and information resource, listing news, abstracts, practice guidelines and procedures.
Medical Mycology
Details the causes and forms of fungal disease as it occurs in humans and animals. Read submission guidelines or request a sample.
Medical Sciences Bulletin
Online journal containing analgesic and anesthetic drug reviews, published by Pharmaceutical Information Associates.
Medicine on the Net 
Monthly journal covers the ever-expanding presence of medical information on the Web. Subscribe online or preview the current issue.
Medicine Online
Free access to resources on a broad range of topics, view current contents or find out about submitting an article.
Peer-reviewed clinical articles and literature reviews on medical specialties, dictionary, bookstore, and career center. Free registration.
MedScape - Journals
Essential resource for better patient care with free access to an array of journals and Medline searches.
Medscape - Women's Health
Information for the promotion of wellness, and the prevention and managment of diseases in women. Free registration required.
MedWeb Plus - Family Medicine
Internet directory especially useful for searching for university departments and international societies.
Midwifery Today Magazine
Samples of articles on pregnancy, homebirth, midwifery and breastfeeding. Educational books and tapes available plus details about conferences.
Modern Medicine
Online version includes features and news, updates from medical meetings, and info on new drugs and treatments.
Molecular and Cellular Probes
Request a sample issue while examining editorial highlights and subscription specifics. Also features writer guidelines.
Molecular Human Reproduction
Gives contents and abstracts of recent issues, subscription rates and instructions for authors.
Molecular Vision
Dedicated to the research of molecular biology, cell biology, and the genetics of the visual system. With tables of content, FAQs, and contacts.



Nature      Nature Cell Biology     Nature Biotechnology
Nature Medicine    Nature Neurosciences    Nature Genetics
Nature Structural Biology       

New England Journal Of Medicine

Nature Medicine
Subscribe to this journal that provides news and details of biomedical research being conducted world wide. Designed for PhDs and MDs.
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
Gives tables of contents and abstracts of articles from this journal from January 1986 onwards.
For psychologists, an extensive list of journal articles, essays, books and news items available online.

Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry
"Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry" covers research, reviews and news. Find abstracts and subscription details.
Neurobiology of Disease
International journal publishes a selection of research papers. Includes subscription rates, writer guidelines, and contacts.
Neuromuscular Home Page
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis provides this resource guide, with information on specific disorders.
Neuron Online
General journal of neuroscience which includes articles in molecular, cellular, and developmental neurobiology, and also research in systems work.
Neuropathology News
Official newsletter of the International Society of Neuropathology which includes an international member directory.
Professional journal for occupational therapists, neurosurgeons and rehabilitation counselors, with subscription details.
Publication containing research articles, news and information relating to research in basic and clinical neuroscience.
Neuroscientist, The
Tables of contents and abstracts for review journal bridging neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry with registration for free sample copy.
Comprehensive resource directory which links to Neuroworld the online magazine for the neuromedicine profession.
Neurosurgery Online
Official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons provides information on the current issue, with selected articles and abstracts.
Neurosurgical Focus
Peer reviewed journal of neurosurgical research published by The American Association of Neurological Surgeons.
NeuroTransmitter Newsletter
Check out online information on NeuroTransmitters, covers clinical news and research.
New Doctor
Journal of Doctors Reform Society of Australia, a medical association supporting universal health insurance. Abstracts and full text articles.
New England Journal of Medicine
Reports of important medical research worldwide, with notice of upcoming medical meetings. Published weekly.
New Immunology
Part of the Medical Sciences Bulletin, this site provides an overview of recent developments in immunology.
New Social Worker
Journal for students and recent graduates. Articles on ethics, people in the profession, career opportunities and campus news.
Nuclear Medicine and Biology
Find the aims and scope of this research publication, produced eight times yearly. With abstracts, tables of content and subscription details.
NurseWeek News Page
Interesting and informative news service for nurses, summarizing nursing related headlines from around the world.
Nursing & Allied Healthweek
Texas based employment service offers magazine style articles mainly on Texas based medical developments.
Nursing 97
Order a free sample issue of this leading publication which delivers practical, hands-on information for nurses who give direct patient care.
Nursing Inquiry
Journal published quarterly with articles on a variety of subjects to do with everyday nursing practice.
Nursing Management
Subscription details with the opportunity to order a free sample issue of this informative monthly publication.
Nursing Trends and Issues
Journal focusing on the politics and financing of health care with special reference to nursing.



Osler Medical Journal

.Ocular Surgery News
Twice-monthly medical newspaper for ophthalmologists, providing coverage of scientific research and events in ophthalmology.
On-Line Journal of Nursing Informatics; scholarly, peer reviewed electronic journal. Subscription is free.
On The Brain
Quarterly newsletter of neuroscience from Harvard Medical School's Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Research Institute.
Oncology Pharmacy Practice
Information on a new international journal dedicated to educating pharmacists about the care of cancer patients.
Ophthalmology Journal
From the American Academy of Ophthalmology, with contents for upcoming issues, articles, manuscripts and analyses.
Orthodontic CYBERjournal, The
On-line peer reviewed, journal dedicated to the sharing of information in the art and science of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.
Orthodontics Web Journal
Aims to unite like minded orthodontists to form a Web-group. Includes case reports, orthodontic surgery info, a forum, and links.
Orthopedics Today
Excellent orthopedics news service which includes feature articles, online seminars and a shopping mall.
OT - Mental Health
Magazine produced by the Association of Occupational Therapists in Mental Health. Features contents pages and facility submit an article.




Pediatric Critical Care

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

Pediatric Research

    Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciencesl


Pain Net, Inc.
Provides public information about pain management programs, and offers education programs and practice development for doctors.
Pediatric Annals
Each monthly issue provides a thorough, practical review of a single topic in pediatrics. With subscription details.
Pediatric Critical Care
Electronic textbook which includes a growing collection of original, peer-reviewed articles, and reviews.

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
The Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Website
The multidisciplinary educational and practical resource for Pediatric Critical Care
Pediatric News at your Desktop
Free registration required for online case analysis hosted by Robert Belfer, Medical College of Pennsylvania. Links to jobs.
Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Online
University of Virginia's monthly peer-reviewed information on the initiation and monitoring of medications in primary care.
Pediatric Rheumatology Page
Includes info for families and physicians on juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and childhood arthritis. With a referral guide and knowledge test.
Pediatric Surgery Update
Monthly online newsletter dealing with current issues and research, of interest to pediatric physicians and surgeons.
Pediatric Urology
Details of a mailing list providing a mechanism for collegial discussion of clinical problems and research.
Pediatrics Electronic Pages
Articles covering advances in pediatric medicine and reviewed abstracts of articles published in the print version of "Pediatrics".
Pediatrics in Primary Care
Free sample copy of this monthly update of the most clinically important articles on primary-care pediatrics from the current literature, with expert editorial comments.
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Browse articles from the quarterly journal created to counteract specialization and place the biosciences in context with other disciplines.
Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
International journal covers drug-related topics in pharmaceutical, biomedical and clinical analysis. Download an order form.
Pharmacological Research
Highlights the research areas which this publication focuses on. Find out how to obtain a sample issue and read subscription details.
Pharmacy Online
Features papers, articles, letters and educational material, edited by Dr. M Partridge Director of Pharmacy in a UK hospital. With search.
Pharmacy Times
Updated weekly this forum for pharmacists provides news, feature articles, career information and product reviews.

Physical Thepapy & OT in Geriatrics
Journal published quarterly with table of contents, abstracts and facility to search journal for information.
Physical Therapy Journal
Monthly peer-reviewed physical therapy publication and the official journal of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Physician & HealthCare Magazine
View excerpts from this interactive forum for medical professionals. Features search facility, subscription details, and extensive links.
Physician Assistant
Subscription details with the opportunity to order a free sample issue of this informative monthly publication.
POCA Registry
Pediatric Perioperative Cardiac Arrest Registry investigates cardiac arrests and pediatric patient deaths related to anesthesia.
Podiatry Newsletters
Public Directories Of America provide monthly educational reports for the public, written by medical professionals.
Postgraduate Medicine Online
For primary care physicians. Online version includes easy-to-read articles mixed with entertaining snippets.
Preventive Medicine
Journal devoted to the theory and practice. Subscription details, tables of contents and access to abstracts of some past issues.
Primary Care Optometry News
Electronic magazine with breaking news, online seminars, specialty forums, shopping mall and an archive of past issues.
Priory Lodge Education
Gateway to a range of online journals for family practice, psychiatry, chest medicine and pharmacy.
Psychiatric Services
Focused on issues related to the delivery of mental health services in organized settings. Abstracts from March 1996.
Psychiatric Times - Mental Health InfoSource
Read full-text articles about mental health conditions and disorders, listed alphabetically.
Psychiatry Online
International Journal of Psychiatry with articles on research, professional issues, and education.
Psychology & Aging
Quarterly journal, available by subscription. It is published yearly in one volume, by the American Psychological Association.
Table of contents and searchable abstracts from this journal studying the effects of drugs on animal and human behavior.
Psychosomatic O&G
List of contents, subscription details, subject and author index and a list of related books. Published quarterly.
Publishes the results of research and clinical experiences related to the practice of medical-surgical psychiatry.
Psychotherapy Finances & Managed Care
This meeting point for practitioners aims to assist in the dissemination of information critical to the ongoing quality of such care.
From the APA, refereed articles and peer commentary in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and related areas.
PTSD Bibliography
Annotated list of books and articles about the emotional aftershocks of rape, incest, child abuse, street crime, family violence, and war.





Radiation Research
Official journal of the Radiation Research Society provides abstracts, table of contents and a calendar of events.
Details on this journal devoted to scientific exhibits, technology, and continuing education in radiology.
Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Contents for recent issues, subscription details and information on special deals for popular past issues.
Reproductive Fertility & Develop.
Contents pages for this journal covering reproductive biology, reproductive endocrinology and developmental biology.
Research in Radiography
Addresses clinical and educational perspectives of radiography. With article abstracts and details for submission.



Science on line

Reports on public health, medicine, and the state of the environment in the third world.
Seminars in Cancer Biology
Presents recent research in the field of molecular ontology. Check out a list of sample topics, subscribe, or peruse abstracts.
Sexologies Journal
Browse abstracts of articles from past issues of this journal designed for sex therapists. Includes subscription details.
Skin Therapy Letter
Contents of the most recent editions and some articles published in their entirety.
Smart Life - Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Scan excerpts from this newsletter which focuses on "smart" drugs and nutrients.
Official publication of the Swiss Society for Internal Medicine and the Swiss Society for Pneumology; with full text articles published in English.
Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care provides this discussion list for members and other professionals.
Social Psychology
Peer-reviewed online journal of current social psychology research, with referenced articles, and author biographies.
Southern Medical Journal
Version of the monthly print of the Southern Medical Association. Features editorials, case reports, and a review/current concepts section.
Sports Medicine News
Weekly sports medicine bulletin service. Includes columns on common injuries, tip of the week, and sports links.
Official newsletter from the United States Pharmacopeia provides details of new drug regulations and standards plus member news.
STS News
Society of Thoracic Surgeons' online newsletter contains articles on events and research in the world of thoracic surgery.
Surgery and Specialistic Medicine
Published yearly, this electronic journal features articles on topics as diverse as plastic surgery and hernia repair.
Survey of Anesthesiology
Selected articles and table of contents from this monthly journal covering anesthesiology in various specialties.



The Journal of Clinical Investigation    

The Medical News File
The site features a huge selection of the world's most important health news for the week. 

The Medical Journals Site

.TB Weekly
Summaries are free, but must pay for full text. Includes information from newswires, conferences and journals.
Team Rehab Reports
Electronic publication for professionals who purchase, prescribe or recommend products and services related to assistive technology.
Telephone Nursing Telezine
Free monthly publication started in August 1996. Each months edition is devoted to a particular area of telephone nursing.
The Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Search the abstracts of articles from this research journal from 1966 onwards. With full-text and calendar of events.
The Neuroscientist
Tables of contents and abstracts for review journal bridging neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry with registtration for free sample copy.
Theory & Psychology Journal
Examines conceptual frameworks of psychology, its historical underpinnings, ideological assumptions and its various contexts.
Information on this research journal, including details of the current issue and upcoming articles. With archive of tables of contents.
Tropical Medicine & Int'l Health
Journal published for international tropical health organizations and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



Universal Medical Press
Producing benchmark publications of never-before-published applications of new technology



Vaccine Weekly
Free access to summaries, contents page and events calendar but you must pay to receive the full text.
Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Table of contents and abstracts from this journal focusing on all aspects of endovascular and peripheral vascular surgery.
Vascular Pathology Journal
Professional digest from international scientific journals and congresses. Membership can be applied for online.



Currently tracking 18 of the best medical journals, and presenting you with the most interesting updates on a daily basis.
Weekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine
Updated every Friday, critical analysis of current clinical literature on topics relevant to the practice of emergency medicine.
What's New in Surgery
Monthly newsletter published by a group of Washington surgeons with particular reference to laparoscopy and cancer surgery.
Women and HIV Infection.
Reprint of articles appearing in 1994 and 1995. Detailed discussion of incidence data and innovations in support and treatment.
Women's Health Weekly
Informative reports on health issues affecting women, especially current debates about HMO's and hospital stays.
World Anaesthesia Online
Electronic journal aimed at developing safe anaesthetic practices in developing countries. Material is all downloadable in pdf format.
World Pharma Web
Pharmaceutical industry news service has stories from around the world updated daily, plus contact information.
World Wide Wounds
Journal of wound management practice for professionals, wound care, wounds, and dressings.

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