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Drugs Banned In India


1. Amidopyrine.
2. Fixed dose combinations of vitamins with anti-inflammatory agents and tranquilizers.
3. Fixed dose combinations of Atropine in Analgesics and Antipyretics.
4. Fixed dose combinations of Strychnine and Caffeine in tonics.
5.Fixed dose combinations of Yohimbine and Strychnine with Testosterone and  Vitamins.
6. Fixed dose combinations of Iron with Strychnine, Arsenic and Yohimbine.
7. Fixed dose combinations of Sodium Bromide/chloral hydrate with other drugs
8. Phenacetin.
9. Fixed dose combinations of antihistaminic with anti-diarrhoeals.
10. Fixed dose combinations of Penicillin with Sulphonamides.
11. Fixed dose combinations of Vitamins with Analgesics.
B 12.Fixed dose combinations of  any other Tetracycline with Vitamin C.
E 13.Fixed dose combinations of Hydroxyquinoline group of drugs with any other drug   except for preparations meant for external use.  
ccc  14. Fixed dose combinations of Corticosteroids with any other drug for internal use.
ccc  15. Fixed dose combinations of Chloramphenicol with any other drug for internal use.
16.Fixed dose combinations of crude Ergot preparations except those containing Ergotamine, Caffeine, analgesics, antihistamines for the treatment of migraine, headaches.
17.Fixed dose combinations of Vitamins with Anti TB drugs except combination of Isoniazid with Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6).
18. Penicillin skin/eye Ointment.
19. Tetracycline Liquid Oral preparations.
20. Nialamide.  
21. Practolol.
22. Methapyrilene, its salts.
c 23. Methaqualone.  
& 24. Oxytetracycline Liquid Oral preparations.
& 25. Demeclocycline Liquid Oral preparations.
T  26. Combination of anabolic Steroids with other drugs.
cc  27.Fixed dose combination of Oestrogen and Progestin (other than oral contraceptive) containing per tablet estrogen content of more than 50 mcg (equivalent to Ethinyl Estradiol) and progestin content of more than 3 mg (equivalent to Norethisterone Acetate) and all fixed dose combination injectable preparations containing synthetic Oestrogen and Progesterone. (Subs. By Noti. No. 743 (E) dt 10-08-1989)
* 28.Fixed dose combination of Sedatives/ hypnotics/anxiolytics with   analgesics-antipyretics.
J* 29.Fixed dose combination of Rifanpicin, isoniazid and Pyrazinamide, except those which provide daily adult dose given below:

Drugs                             Minimum                 Maximum

Rifampicin                      450 mg                   600 mg

Isoniazid                              300 mg                       400 mg

Pyrazinamide                  1000mg                  1500 mg  

* 30. Fixed dose combination of Histamine H-2 receptor antagonists with antacids except for those combinations approved by Drugs Controller, India.
* 31.The patent and proprietary medicines of fixed dose combinations of essential oils with alcohol having percentage higher than 20% proof except preparations given in the Indian Pharmacopoeia.
* 32. All Pharmaceutical preparations containing Chloroform exceeding 0.5% w/w or v/v
   whichever is appropriate.
** 33.Fixed dose combination of Ethambutol with INH other than the following: INH
  Ethambutol 200 mg. 600 mg. 300 mg. 800 mg.
34. Fixed dose combination containing more than one antihistamine.
B** 35.Fixed dose combination of any anthelmintic with cathartic/purgative except for piperazine/Santonim.  
** 36. Fixed dose combination of Salbutamol or any other bronchodilator with centrally acting     anti-tussive and/or antihistamine.
** 37.Fixed dose combination of laxatives and/or anti-spasmodic drugs in enzyme preparations.
G** 38.Fixed dose combination of Metoclopramide with systemically absorbed drugs except fixed dose combination of metoclopramide with aspirin/paracetamol  
** 39.Fixed dose combination of centrally acting, antitussive with antihistamine, having high atropine like activity in expectorants.  
** 40.Preparations claiming to combat cough associated with asthma containing centrally acting antitussive and/ or an antihistamine.
41.Liquid oral tonic preparations containing glycerophosphates and/or other phosphates and / or central nervous system stimulant and such preparations containing alcohol more than 20% proof.
42.Fixed dose combination containing Pectin and/or Kaolin with any drug which is systemically absorbed from GI tract except for combinations of Pectin and/or Kaolin with drugs not systemically absorbed.
43. Chloral Hydrate as a drug.
b 44. Dovers Powder I.P.  
b 45. Dovers Powder Tablets I.P.    
A 46.Antidiarrhoeal formulations containing Kaolin or Pectin or Attapulgite or Activated Charcoal.  
A 47.Antidiarrhoeal formulations containing Phthalyl Sulphathiazole or Sulphaguanidine or Succinyl Sulphathiazole.  
A 48.Antidiarrhoeal formulations containing Neomycin or Streptomycin or Dihydrostreptomycin  including their respective salts or esters.
A 49.Liquid Oral antidiarrhoeals or any other dosage form for pediatric use containing Diphenoxylate Lorloperamide or Atropine or Belladona including their salts or esters or metabolites Hyoscyamine or their extracts or their alkaloids.
A 50.Liquid Oral antidiarrhoeals or any other dosage form for pediatric use containing halogenated hydroxyquinolines.
A 51. Fixed dose combination of antidiarrhoeals with electrolytes.
C 52. Patent and Proprietary Oral Rehydration Salts other than those conforming to the
D 53. Fixed dose combination of Oxyphenbutazone or Phenylbutazone with any other drug.
H.D 54. Fixed dose combination of Analgin with any other drug.
D 55. Fixed dose combination of dextropropoxyphene with any other drug other than anti-spasmodics and/or non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).  
D 56. Fixed dose combination of a drug, standards of which are prescribed in the Second Schedule to the said Act with an Ayurvedic, Siddha or Unani drug.  
F 57. Mepacrine Hydrochloride (Quinacrine and its salts) in any dosage form for use for female sterilization or contraception.  
F 58. Fenfluramine and Dexfenfluramine.
I 59. Fixed dose combination of Diazepam and Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride .  
The Principal Notification GSR 578 (E) dt.23.7.83.

c    Added b GSR 4(E) dated 31.01.1984

&   Added b GSR 322(E) dated 03.05.1984\

T    Amended by GSR 863(E) dated 22.11.1985

cc   Amended by GSR 743(E) dated 10.08.1989

ccc Amended by GSR 1057(E) dated 03.11.1988

*    Added by GSR 999(E) dated 26.12.1990

         *   Added by GSR 69(E) dated 11.02.1991

       xxx    Added by GSR 304(E) dated 7.06.1990

     @   Added by GSR 444(E) dated 7.06.1992

      b   Added by GSR 111(E) dated 22.02.1994

      A   Added by GSR 731(E) dated 30.09.1994

      B   Added by GSR 848(E) dated 7.12.1994

      C   Added by GSR 57(E) dated 7.02.1995

      D   Added by GSR 633(E) dated 13.09.1995

      E   Added by GSR 793(E) dated 13.03.1995

           Added by GSR 93(E) dated 25.05.1997

      F   Added by GSR 499(E) dated 14.08.1998

      G   Added by GSR 394(E) dated 19.05.1999

      H   Added by GSR 405(E) dated 3.06.1999

      I    Added by GSR 169(E) dated 12.03.2001  


Drugs Formulation                            Effective date           Notification  

1.Cosmetics Licensed as toothpaste/tooth           With immediate         GSR 444(E) 

   powder containing tobacco.                             effect                       dt.30.4.92   

2.Parenteal Preparations fixed dose                     Jan 1,1998               GSR 93(E)

   combination of streptomycin with                                                      dt.25.2.97


3.Fixed dose combination of Vitamin B1,               Jan 1,2001               GSR 702(E)

   Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 for                                                        dt.14.10.99

   human use   

4.Fixed dose combination of haemoglobin             Sep 1,2000               GSR 814(E)

   in any form (natural or synthetic).                                                    dt.16.12.99   

5.Fixed dose combination of Pancreatin or            Sept. 1,2000             GSR 814(E)

  Pancrelipase containing amylase, protease                                          dt.16.12.99 

  and lipase with any other enzyme.   

6. Fixed dose combination of Nitrofurantoin          Jan 1,2002                GSR 170(E)

    and trimethoprim.                                                                          dt.12.3.01   

7.Fixed dose combination of Phenobarbitone         Jan 1,2002                GRS 170(E)  

   with any anti-asthmatic drugs.                                                           dt.12.3.01   

8.Fixed dose combination of Phenobarbitone         Jan 1,2002                GSR 170(E)

   with Hyoscin and/or Hyoscyamine                                                     dt.12.3.01   

9.Fixed dose combination of Phenobarbitone         Jan 1,2002                GSR 170(E)

   with Ergotamine and/or Belladona                                                     dt.12.3.01   

10.Fixed dose combination of Haloperidol              Jan 1,2002                 GSR 170(E)

     with any anti-cholinergic agent including                                          dt.12.3.01

     Propantheline Bromide.   

11.Fixed dose combination of Nalidixic Acid           Jan 1,2002                   GSR 170(E)

     with any anti-amoebic including Metronidazole.                                   dt.12.3.01   

12.Fixed dose combination of Loperamide             Jan 1,2002                  GSR 170(E)

     Hydrochloride with Furazolidone                                                      dt.12.3.01   

13.Fixed dose combination of Cyproheptadine       Jan 1,2003                  GSR 170(E)

    with Lysine or Peptone.                                                                    dt.12.3.01   

14.Astemizole                                                 Apr.1,2003                   GSR 191(E)


15.Terfinadine                                                 Apr.1,2003                   GSR 191(E)


16.Fenformin                                                   Oct.1,2003                   GSR 780(E)


17.Rafecoxib                                                  Dec 13,2004                  GSR 810(E)
dt. 13.12.04

18.Valdecoxib                                                July 25,2005                   GSR 510(E)
and it's formulation                                                                                              dt. 25.07.05

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