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362 Ayush Wellness Centres and 45 Ayush Grams approved in state




Approval has been granted for establishment of 362 Ayush Wellness Centres and 45 new Ayush Grams in the state to fulfill the resolution ‘Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh’ of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Along with ‘Swasthya se Samriddhta Ki Aur’, approval has been granted by the Minister of State for Ayush (Independent Charge) Shri Ramkishore Kawre with an aim to generate awareness among people of the rural areas towards health. Instructions in this connection were given by Shri Kawre in a meeting held in the month end of July.

Health and Wellness Centre

Ayush Health and Wellness Centers will be established in the rural areas based on the principles of Ayush. Along with self-care of the villagers, services like yoga, diet, counseling and 12 identified health services, including high quality Panchakarma, disease prevention, health care and therapies will be provided. The objective of the scheme is also to reduce disease among the villagers.

Till March 31, 2020-2, 362 Ayush Health and Wellness Centres are to be started in Madhya Pradesh. This scheme will be implemented under the Ayush Mission.

Services to be provided at center include health checkups of all the villagers of the dispensary area by evaluating the health level in the health sheet according to various criteria. Medicinal gardens will be developed at the places available. In this, information as regard to 16 medicinal plants and their medicinal use will be displayed on boards. Consultancy, treatment will be given as per the Ayush method and medicines will be distributed under 12 health care services decided for the treatment of normal diseases.

Ayush Gram

Ayush Gram Yojana has been launched by the Ayush department for health care of villagers of the state. At the initially stage, new 45 villages have been selected in the state for establishment of Ayush Grams. Divisional and District Ayush Officers will implement the scheme in coordination with Ayush medical Officer. The objective of the scheme is health care of villagers and their protection from diseases. In rural areas, the aim of the scheme is to realize the concept of healthy and prosperous village by ensure recovery of patients at primary stage itself.

Under this, team of Ayush doctors will conduct house to house survey to record health level in health sheet and will feed it in the software. After this, on the basis of data analysis, work will be done by the department by making health plan of Ayush treatment for that particular village. Later, if patients suffering from particular disease are found in village then treatment will be given for their recovery. Implementation of national and other health schemes, holding yoga and awareness camps, care of pregnant women, infants and elderly including diagnosis of old age borne diseases and treatment, treatment in medical colleges, hospitals and district hospitals are part of the action plan. Under this, training and works related to medicinal plants have also been included.

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