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Election Commission's Guidelines for Media Coverage During Election


Bhopal : November 16, 2018


The Election Commission of India has issued guidelines regarding media coverage under section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 during the assembly elections held in five states including Madhya Pradesh. During the period of 48 hours prior to the expiry of the scheduled time of election process in the constituency, And prohibited the transmission of any subject related to election on other instruments. In defiance of this, two years of jail or fines or both will be granted.

During the election process, Complaints about the neglect of the provisions of the Act have been received in the panel discussions / debates broadcast by the channels and programs based on other news and fresh situation. The Election Commission has clarified that any topic related to the election will be terminated during the 48 hours period of the expiry of the scheduled time of election process in the electoral field. Performance is restricted on etc. The Commission has repeatedly reiterated that TV / Radio channels and cable networks will not broadcast any such thing, including the views of the panelists / participants in the discussions during the 48 hour period, to show that any political party or Encouragement / prejudgment of the candidate's victory or election is being affected.

The Commission has brought the attention of all the media to the instructions issued by the Press Council of India, according to which the press will have the responsibility to give information and related information related to the candidates.

Communal or caste based election campaign under the election provisions is restricted. The Press Council of India has instructed that the press should avoid broadcasting such news, which would create hostility towards people, between religion, race, race, community or language.

According to the Press Council, the press should avoid publishing irreverent news or critical statements, which have adverse effects on the candidate's personality and conduct or candidature or nomination. The Press should not publish unverified news against the candidate / political party. The Press should not accept any economic or other temptation for the image of any candidate / political party. He should not accept any candidate / political party or hospitality or other facilities taken by him from any other side. Newspapers are not expected to engage in mobilizing support for a particular candidate / political party. The Press should not accept / publish any advertisement about any political party / ruling party, Whereby, his payment is from the official treasury. The press should follow the instructions / orders issued by the Election Commission / Returning Officer or Chief Electoral Officer from time to time.\


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