Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a condition whereby the outer part of the elbow becomes painful. The outer part also becomes tender. This condition is caused by inflammation of the tendons attached to the bony protrusion, above the elbow joint. Degeneration of the tendons or tendon tears can also cause tennis elbow. As tennis elbow is associated with tendon injury it is also known as tendonitis. Tennis elbow can make mundane activities such as lifting, carrying or gripping a difficult task.

Symptoms for Tennis Elbow

All symptoms for tennis elbow are outlined below

The most common symptom of Tennis elbow is pain and tenderness around the elbow joint. Other symptoms include:
- Pain and weakness in moving the wrist.
- Pain in stretching the fingers or bending the hand.
- Pain experienced when grasping or lifting objects.
- The muscles tighten and feel painful on the back of the forearm.

Causes for Tennis Elbow

Known causes for tennis elbow

Some of the known causes of tennis elbow include:
- Damage caused to muscles, tendons and ligaments around the elbow joint.
- Excessive pressure on the elbow.
- Stress
- Muscle exertion
- Elbow Injury
- Repetitive movements of the elbow
- Pressure on the radial nerve

Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Natural home cures for tennis elbow

Suggested home remedies for tennis elbow include:
- Ice Packs: Ice packs applied over the elbow joint for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours can reduce pain and swelling around the elbow joint area.

- Zostrix: Is a derivative of hot pepper. It can be wrapped around the elbow joint to reduce sensation of pain.

- Heat Packs: Alternating ice packs with heat packs can comfort the elbow joint.
- Potato Pack: Warm and baked potatoes can help reduce the pain.

Diet for Tennis Elbow

Include these in your diet

·   Celery is known to be a good remedy for rheumatism. The fluids can be extracted from seeds and had with hot water before meals. 5-10 drops of fluid with hot water can be beneficial in treating the pain.

·   Omega -3 fatty acids found mainly in fish also help treat arthritic conditions. Intake of Omega- 3 supplements can help reduce the inflammation and pain.

Suggestions for Tennis Elbow

Other suggestions and tips to follow for people with tennis elbow

- Modify stressful activities
- Exercise regularly
- Avoid repetitive movements
- Employ smooth movement of the elbow
- Avoid exerting the elbow joint