Disease producing bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are always trying to attack and invade the human body. What keeps them at bay is the immune system. The immune system resists first time attackers and also recognizes previous invaders. The immune system neutralizes or destroys the micro-organisms and the poisons they make wherever they attack.
The immune system destroys disease producing elements with the help of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell originating in the bone marrow) and antibodies (complex blood protein molecules). Other vital organs that assist the immune system include: the spleen, thymus gland, tonsils, bone marrow and the network of capillaries and lymph vessels.
Low immunity implies weakening of the immune system. Low immunity also leads to lack of protection from illnesses and the body becomes more prone to develop life-threatening infections and cancers.

Symptoms for Low Immunity

Signs and Symptoms for lowered immunity

The symptoms of low immune function include:
-Chronic infections
-Frequent colds and flu
-Frequent cold sores or genital herpes
-Sore or swollen lymph glands

Causes for Low Immunity

Reasons why your immune status can become poor

Emotional state, stress, lifestyle, dietary habits and nutritional intake can impact the immune system. Low immunity can be caused by a number of conditions, surgical or medical treatments or due to age. Either of these conditions can reduce the ability of the immune system and cause serious infections.
Here is a list of conditions that may cause low immunity:
-Nutrient Deficiency
-Inflammatory Bowel Disease
-Low White Blood Cell count (Neutropenia)
-Transplant surgery or usage of anti-rejection drugs
-Low Stomach Acidity
Low immunity can also be due to age as immunity lowers with age. Immunity is also low among children and among pregnant women.

Home Remedies for Low Immunity

Some home remedies to boost immune system

The remedy for low immunity depends on the cause. A good diet can boost the immune system considerably.
Here are some other known home remedies that can help boost the immune system:
- Mumio: a natural product consists of more than 50 elements. It is as a concentration of beeswax, fossilized honey, and bees' nests, which seeps out of certain rocks over time due to the influence of spring water and appears like a substance similar to a resin. Mumio is commonly consumed in tablet form and helps protect from illnesses and boost immunity.
- Astragalus Root: is used to treat viral infections including the common cold among the Chinese. It helps stimulate white blood cells and protect from invading organisms and it also enhances the production of an important natural compound produced by the body to fight viruses known as interferon.
- Aswagandha: is a general stimulant of the immune system. This herb is known to counteract the effects of stress and promote general well- being.
- Eleuthero or Siberian ginseng: is popularly known to provide support to the immune system.
- Asian Ginseng: is known not only prevent illnesses but also to treat immunity related diseases.
- Echinacea: herb helps stimulate a variety of immune cells. Extracts of this herb is also available in capsule form for easy consumption.
- Green Tea: can stimulate production of immune cells.

Diet for Low Immunity

Diet to boost immune health

It a known fact that for an optimal immune function a healthy diet is the best solution. One should ensure the diet comprises of:
- Foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, whole grains, and nuts.
- The diet is low in fats and refined sugars.
- Foods high in carotenes such as: yellow and orange squash, dark greens, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes.
- Cabbage family foods (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, radish and turnip) help prevent low immunity.
- Must contain adequate amounts of protein.
- Flavonid rich berries, garlic, yoghurt and artichoke help boost immunity.

Suggestion for Low Immunity

Other suggestions and tips to improve immunity

To derive an ideal immune function adequate intake of water and exercise is a prerequisite apart from a good diet. Here are some important aspects that can help you keep low immunity at bay:
- Intake of Water: Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day to boost the immune system and flush out toxins.
- Exercise: Regular exercise every day for at least 30 minutes by walking or aerobics is a good way to keep the body active and reduce susceptibility to diseases. It is also advisable to perform deep breathing and relaxation exercises.
- De-stress: It is advisable to engage in de-stressing activities such as hobby classes, shopping etc. to avoid stress affecting your system.
- Lifestyle and Dietary habits: A faulty lifestyle and incorrect dietary habits can harm your system. Protect your body and the immune system by following a healthy lifestyle and a nutritional diet.