Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by increased pressure on the median nerve. Median nerve is an important nerve on the hand; it gives sensation to thumb, middle, ring and index fingers. This nerve is protected by carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in women than in men. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness and pain in the hand. This syndrome affects hands and wrists.

Pain, weakness and numbness

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are gradual. Pain, weakness and numbness starts on hands and wrists, then slowly moves up towards the arms. Electric shock may be experienced on the hands. Numbness is mainly experienced in thumb, index finger, ring finger, or middle finger. Hands and wrists may become weak. There may be trouble in gripping any object. Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms become more severe at night. There may be difficulty in performing manual tasks using hands.

Pressure exerted on the median nerve

The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the pressure exerted on the median nerve. Carpel tunnel which protects the median nerve has almost no room for expansion, so any swelling around the tunnel exerts pressure on the median nerve. It may also be caused by repeated wrist movements or any injury to the wrist.

Kidney failure

Kidney failure can cause fluid retention in the carpal tunnel. This will exert pressure on the median nerve. It may occur during pregnancy or when a woman is on contraceptive pills.

Causes in women

Some women may complain of carpal tunnel syndrome during menopause. Repetitive use of tendons causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other Causes

Sometimes obesity can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Some physical characteristics like narrower carpal tunnel can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome remedies

Use fat tool handles. If your tool handles are not fat then use some rubber grip to fatten it. Keep knives and other cutting tools sharp so that less pressure is exerted on the median nerve. Do not hold a pen with a tight grip while writing. Always wear a wrist splint, especially at night. Apply an ice pack on your aching wrist, it will lessen the pain. If ice is unavailable, go for a hot treatment. Apply a heating pad on the aching wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome diet

Include vitamin B especially vitamin B6 in your diet. Avoid packaged foods because it contains tartrazine which interferes with vitamin B6.

Other Suggestions for Carpal tunnel syndrome

Obese people should shed some weight. Take a break at regular intervals and do some stretching exercises of hands and fingers. Do not sit or stand in the same position for a long time.