Burning tongue is also known as burning mouth syndrome (BMS), glossodynia, glossopyrosis, oral galvanism, stomatodynia and stomatopyrosis. The pain caused by burning tongue may be acute and may last for several days. It occurs mainly in middle aged people.

Symptoms for Burning tongue

Burning tongue symptoms

Some of the symptoms of burning tongue are as follows Dry mouth, Sore mouth, Thirst, Burning sensation in mouth, lips, palate, gums and tongue, Loss of taste, Numbness on the tip of the tongue, Metallic or bitter taste in the mouth.

Causes for Burning tongue

Yeast infection of the mouth is the main reason

Yeast infection of the mouth is the main reason for the cause of burning tongue. In addition some of the reasons for the cause of burning tongue are hormonal imbalance during menopause, bad oral habits, medications, acid reflux, nerve damage, endocrine disorders, irritating dentures and deficiency of vitamin B12.

Remedies for Burning tongue

Chew a sugar free gum

For temporary relief from the symptoms chew a sugar free gum or suck a piece of ice. Use baking soda instead of commercial tooth paste to brush your teeth.

Diet for Burning tongue

Eat Vitamin B and iron rich foods

Avoid hot and spicy foods. They may aggravate the condition. Eat vitamin B and iron rich foods. It is recommended to avoid foods and oral hygiene products that you are allergic to, they may aggravate the condition.

Suggestions for Burning tongue

Other suggestions for Burning tongue

Avoid chewing tobacco.