Athletes foot is a fungal infection on the foot, caused by fungus called dermatophytes. These fungi live on dead cells of the skin. Medical term for athlete's foot is Tines pedis. This infection occurs mainly between the toe fingers. It is a contagious skin infection.

Symptoms for Athletes foot

Itching between the toe fingers

Itching between the toe fingers is the most common symptom of athlete's foot. After sometimes moist and white lesions develop between the toe fingers. There may be burning sensation, blisters and inflammation. There may be pungent smell from the toe. There may be redness and scales on the toe

Causes for Athletes foot

Growth of the fungus is the main cause

Moist and damp conditions are suitable for the growth of the fungus causing athlete's foot. They mostly occur on feet because shoes and commonly visited places like swimming pool, showers, bathrooms and so on provides the suitable environment for the fungus to grow. You can get infected by sharing socks or shoes with an infected person. Sometimes you may get infected through pets because they carry the fungus on their fur.

Remedies for Athletes foot

Tea tree oil with antifungal properties

Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar one part of white vinegar to four part of water; soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes twice day. Sprinkle some baking soda between your toe fingers and rinse your feet after fifteen minutes. It is as effective as an expensive antifungal powder. Rub tea tree oil between your toe fingers, it has antifungal properties. For immediate relief from itching or burning, soak your feet in an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine. Corn starch is effective in soaking moisture, so keep your toe fingers dry by sprinkling some corn starch on them

Diet for Athletes foot

Healthy and balanced diet

Avoid eating baked products and products that have high yeast content in them. Avoid alcohol, sugar, cola drinks and grains. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet, avoid processed foods. Your diet must include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Avoid fried and greasy food. Garlic has a good antifungal property, eat raw garlic or include it in your diet.

Suggestions for Athletes foot

Natural fiber footwear should be used

Always keep your feet dry. Use hair dryer to dry your feet rather than towels. Use some antiperspirant to keep your toe fingers dry. Use antifungal powder rather than antifungal cream. Use cotton socks. Clean your shoes from inside using a paper or a cotton cloth. Use only natural fiber footwear. Use mild soaps and avoid deodorant soap.