Dr. Minax Chaturvedi

(B.Sc, MBBS)

General Medicine


Dr. Anjana Chaturvedi


Obstetricians & Gynecologists


Welcome to my Hospital

         Dr. Minax Chaturvedi & Dr. Anjana  Chaturvedi General Medicine and Gynecologist are reputed in their respective fields and have gained immense good will through their proficient work. They are partners not only in their life but also in the Hospital. For the past 2 decades they have surpassed excellence in health care. Chaturvedi Hospital is spread over 1250 Sq.Ft. in the heart of Bhopal with all facilities under entire four floor. The Hospital own's reputed team of Pediatrician, Obstetricians & Gynecologists  Surgeons, Orthopedicion, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist    affiliated to the hospital. These are giving complete health care for women & child & all other age group provide free consultation to old age (more then 70 years) & physically and mentally handicapt patients in our hospital since Thirteen years.




Information Specialized Departments in my Hospital


          1. Pediatrics

            2. Obstetrics & Gynecology

            3. Surgery

            4. Orthopedics

            5. Medicine


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Authorized Consultant in Other Offices and Organization


          1. Civil Supply Corp.

            2. M.P. Electronic Corp.

            3. Hasta-Shilp Vikas Nigam.

            4. Hudco


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Facilities Available in our Hospital

            1. General Ward

            2. Semi Private Ward

            3. Private Ward

            4. Major Operation Theatre

            5. X-ray

            6. E.C.G.

            7. Sonography

            8. Pathology



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List of Doctor's On Call

Specialty Name of Doctors



  • Dr. Ashok Nigam (M.S. Surgery)

  • Dr. Arvind Rai (M.S. G. Surgery)

                          Prof. GMC Bhopal

  • Dr. Manish Jain (M.S. Surgery)


  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta (M.S. Ortho.)

  • Dr. Narendra Singh (D. Ortho.)

  • Dr. Mainsh Diwedi (D. Ortho.)


  • Dr. Supriya Rai (MBBS, D.G.O.)

  • Dr. S. Agrawal (MBBS, M.D.)


  • Dr. Azam Nawaz


  • Dr. T.N. Dubey (MBBS, M.D., D.M.)


  • Dr. Ashutosh Singh


  • Dr. Manish Jain (MBBS, M.D., D.M.)

  • Dr. Vijan Roy (MBBS, M.D., D.M.)


Contact Us


Chaturvedi Maternity & General Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Pul Bogda, Raisen Road, Bhopal.

Phone : 0755-2756397, Mobile : 9977503188.

E-mail ID. - drmchaturvedi@gmail.com

Web-portal - www.mpdoctors.com/chaturvedi



For Free discussion regarding any Illness (Medical Help)

Contact Number - 9826023188. time 7.30 to 10.30 Am.




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